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Overflow Protection and How it Works...

Penguin Technology has designed a toilet with a secondary drain system that allows the contents to drain out through a separate drain line in the event of a clog in the main trap.  This system adds protection against overflows.



Cut-a-way View

If a blockage occurs and the toilet clogs up, water continues to rise until it reaches the primary overflow holes. At this point, the water drains through the secondary system bypassing the main trap and drains directly into the sanitary main.


In the unlikely event that the primary overflow holes are obstructed, the water then continues to rise until it enters the holes under the rim where it travels through a hidden inlet into the secondary drain system and then drains into the sanitary main, once again protecting from an overflow. This amazing system offers 2 means of protection against overflow!

Overflow Trap

With every flush of the toilet, the secondary drain is jetted with water to maintain sanitary conditions.

Bottom View

Simply place the wax ring on the bottom of the bowl and set the bowl as normal. There is no need to repipe or replace any of the existing plumbing system.

After you have installed the Penguin toilet, relax knowing that you are protected!